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March 03 2015

Start Designing a fresh Pool before the New Year

Oh, the weather outside is frightful for the present time. Wouldnt it be nice to own your own pool before it got warm again? If the new pool is in addition to your wish list this Christmas, you must contact our company or stop by the showroom soon! Having an early start, we're able to have your backyard pool completed well before winters end. And if youre considering installing a spa or hot tub with your swimming pool, maybe you might even have time to enjoy it on chilly late-winter evenings.

swimming pool builders Gwinnett County

Consider each of the benefits of installing a swimming pool before spring has sprung. With all the privacy of your own pool, you'll be able to avoid the hassle of a neighborhood pool and relax whenever and however you want! The convenience of experiencing your own pool surpasses simple geographic proximity. Your pool will probably be designed to suit your lifestyle. For instance, if you enjoy having a cold beverage or possibly a healthy snack when youre at the pool, we can help you build an outdoor bar or kitchen on your pool deck.

You might not have a lifeguard on duty but that doesnt mean your private pool is anything less safe than the neighborhood one. With the neighborhood pool, its very easy to lose sight of small children from the crowd. One second the truth is exactly what theyre doing and the next you dont know where they received off to! At your own pool, you could spot what the children are getting up to, it is possible to supervise all their activities and also you know exactly how the pool is laid out.

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With spillover features and chic stone step-downs, your private pool could be the place to hang all summer. Beat the springtime rush and commence coordinating with our contractors now! Begin with figuring out whether or not your existing landscaping is well-suited to a pool and what kind of zoning restrictions you face. Go with a budget and conduct research on pool types. Our absolute favorite type of pool is gunite as they are durable and custom-made. These pools take 3 weeks and three months to put in which means November and December are perfect months for breaking ground about the project. Before any official work begins, however, youll need to look through potential builders portfolios, check references and make sure contractors are bonded and insured. We presume youll find that we look at!

Have a happy Thanksgiving plus an even happier New Year with a new pool from Mirage! 2015 could be the most relaxing year ever using a custom pool, pre-built ahead of the spring!

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